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Praise for Nigel

"Nigel is as smart as he is easy to work with. He has made a significant contribution to each of the projects that we have worked on together, applying his extensive knowledge of branding and advertising best practice to help bring them to a successful conclusion. Nigel is the only review I have ever written, which I believe is the strongest signal I can offer on how much I admire his thinking and his work."

Jon Lombardo, Head of Research, The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn

“Nigel sharpens the point with clear and concise guidance. He brought our sustainability clients a compelling roadmap to help them prioritize and make the case for sustainability as part of brand value. The best part is that he delivers with wit and humor, boosting confidence and bringing a can-do attitude to getting the art of marketing and branding strategy right."

Elizabeth Reaves, Senior Program Director, Sustainable Food Lab

“Nigel is one of the world’s leading authorities on brands. He has written two outstanding books about brands, one of which won the AMA’s book of the year award. He pioneered the approaches that Kantar uses to this day to test ads and measure brand equity. He has consulted with senior leaders at dozens of leading global companies. And he has mentored a few generations of people in marketing, strategy, media, communications, research design, and analytics. He is a brilliant thinker about brands, marketing, and research. Many times, I have seen lightbulbs go on for people as Nigel unpacks a complicated problem and identifies the best solution. Marketing has always been full of fads and new-fangled gizmos, but Nigel has kept numerous clients on track with the never-changing fundamentals that continue to matter in a digital era soon giving way to AI and algorithms. Every client is better for engaging Nigel. I can’t recommend Nigel highly enough. He is one of the top minds in brand marketing and brand strategy.”

J. Walker Smith, Knowledge Lead, Consulting Division of Kantar

“Nigel never takes things at face value. He drives for the truth - the real insight - to deliver practical and evidence-based advice to marketers. In a world full of smoke and mirrors, I admire how he publicly tells this truth with such integrity and wit.”

Sue Elms-Eley, Perform & Thrive! Professional Coaching, and Management Consultant - Communications Insight

“Nigel knows a lot about brands and how advertising helps to drive businesses forward. But Nigel’s biggest asset is that he has common sense. His unique balance between following intuition and challenge himself and others with proof is refreshing. And I think in today’s marketing world, where there are so many people dreaming of utopia, it is great to work with someone that has the feet on the ground!”

Gonzalo Fuentes, President Insights EMEA

“Nigel is a widely recognized thought leader in brand growth. Over the years he has amassed a very in-depth understanding about what works and what doesn’t to provide useful advice to brand owners. He distills what is important from the noise and he uses previous experiences to bring focus and guidance. He’s a natural writer and speaker who engages successfully with all audiences, from C-suite to recent graduates. At the time I was at Kantar he produced very compelling content that generated long-lasting impact. If I ever have the opportunity to work again with Nigel, I would do it without any hesitation.”

Ignasi Fernández, CMO & Marketing Consultant

“I have known Nigel first by reading his books before later on being lucky enough to work with him across many European countries for client events I was organizing. Nigel is not only eager to support clients in growing their brand(s), he’s passionate by what he does, he’s committed to create impact, he’s not afraid of challenging the status quo and he’s a fantastic individual to work with. The very positive feedback we got across years from both people at Kantar & clients is a very strong testimony of what Nigel can bring to the table.”

Geoffrey Ferlay, Chief Officer & Commercial Planning Officer at Kantar