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I have written two books, in addition to chapters in other works and articles published in various magazines and journals around the world.

The Global Brand

My first book The Global Brand was published by Palgrave Macmillan in October, 2008. The Global Brand identifies the best practices that will help aspiring global brands achieve success on the world stage. Based on interviews with marketers, case studies and original survey research, The Global Brand details the opportunities and challenges involved from going local. It supports the idea that think global, act local is the best way to become a successful global brand and supports the idea that a global brand must become part of the local culture in order to become a lasting success in any country.

The Global Brand by Nigel Hollis
The Global Brand by Nigel Hollis

Brand Premium

My second book, Brand Premium: how smart brands make more money, was published in October 2013 and explores how marketers can boost the financial value of their brand. Brand Premium won the 2015 AMA-Book Award, which recognizes books that have had a significant impact in marketing. Based on the ValueDrivers workshop created by Gordon Pincott and me, Brand Premium explores how to identify what makes a brand meaningfully different and how best to make that difference as salient as possible.

Brand Premium by Nigel Hollis
Brand Premium by Nigel Hollis

My Next Book

I am currently working on a third book, titled The Brand Bias. The content explores how brands act as an anchor for our future decision making, and can achieve the strongest growth when they deploy their marketing investment across the buyer cycle of experience, exposure and activation.


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