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Ask Nigel for insights based on 40 years of market research.
Photo of Nigel Hollis

I am a 40-year veteran of the consumer insight industry. In that time, I have advised a wide variety of clients about marketing best practice and been instrumental in creating research tools that are used by companies around the world to understand the strength of their brands and the effectiveness of their marketing.

Consultant and Speaker

In 2020, I set up Ask Nigel Hollis. Since then, I have worked with a variety of clients, with projects typically focused on brand value growth. If you are interested in having me consult or speak, just get in contact. In addition to posting new thinking on the blog, I am reposting highlights from the old Millward Brown/Kantar Millward Brown/Kantar blog that are no longer available online. I am also working on a third book called The Brand Bias which explores how brands anchor future purchase intent.

Thought Leader

In 2004, I stepped down from the Millward Brown Board and took on the role of Chief Global Analyst. In that role I helped shape the company’s viewpoint on all things related to marketing and market research. This role saw me write two books, many articles, present on industry platforms, and consult with clients in many different industries and countries. I started blogging about brands and marketing in 2006 and continued to post each week for the next 14 years. When Millward Brown was folded into Kantar, I continued in the same role.

Internet Research Pioneer

In 1996, I partnered with Rex Briggs at HotWired on the first study of online advertising, proving that banner ads could have a branding effect in addition to clickthrough. In 1997, I initiated Millward Brown's foray into online research. As a separate unit from its parent company Millward Brown Interactive focused solely on online research, both custom studies and the development of self-serve systems that anticipated many of today's online, automated research platforms.


In 1994, I joined the Millward Brown Board, responsible for Research & Development. In that role, I led the team that developed and launched the BrandDynamics brand equity framework in 1996, which later became the platform for Kantar's BrandZ. At its height, Millward Brown had offices in 58 countries, requiring the R&D team to improve and adapt all the company’s research tools to work across different industries and cultures.

Business Developer

In 1987, I moved to the USA, thanks to Millward Brown’s acquisition of Ad Factors. There I was responsible for business development in Midwest and West. In part due to my efforts, Millward Brown’s client base expanded rapidly. I later moved to the East Coast to head up the company’s Connecticut office.

Client Advisor

In 1983, I moved to Millward Brown, then a small market research agency employing about 50 people. At Millward Brown, I learnt from two of the brightest minds in the industry, the co-founders Maurice Millward and Gordon Brown, and worked with a wide range of clients from Unilever to Vauxhall (GM), Allied Breweries to Sealink Ferries. And I got my first taste of innovation, working with Gordon Brown on the development of the Link pretest.

Client-side Market Researcher

In 1979, I graduated from Lancaster University with a BA Honours in Economics and started my career with the Foods Division of Cadbury Schweppes in the UK, where I was involved with designing, commissioning, and reporting custom research for then-famous brands like Typhoo Tea, Smash and Marvel.